How to make playdough (easy no-cook recipe)

Our kids play with their playdough almost every day making little pretend dinners, worm families or faces on the table. They have a tub full of playdough tools which their 93 year old great grandmother bought for them.


1 Minute Playdough recipe:

Your will need:

  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar (Cream of Tartar is a natural powdered raising agent for use in scones, drop scones, soda bread and a wide range of other recipes)
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • I cup of boiling water (from the kettle) mixed with
    some food colouring (OR a the contents of three blackcurrant dazzler fruit tea bags for lovely fruity rich purple)

What to do:

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and then mix vigourously with the hot water.

Makes wonderful playdough which lasts for ages in little plastic sandwich bags.

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202 comments to How to make playdough (easy no-cook recipe)

  • Just wanted you to know that you have a lovely blog, and I will be checking back often. Your “meal ideas from magazines” idea was great, especially because picture so often trigger that “ooh, I should make that!” response in me, the way a plain text recipe from a cookbook never does.

    And an aside: I live in Massachusetts, USA, in Chelmsford near Tewksbury and Worcester, and it’s sort of funny to see the town names refered to in the UK, even though I know we co-opted the names! :-)

  • Ellen Mackay

    Do you leave the play-dough to cool once you’ve made it? Because my mum was asking.

  • Victoria Hanks

    Fantastic recipe, as a childrens nanny for over 10 years I have tried lots, this is by far the easiest with the best results given!!!! Genius!


  • Alice

    This recipe was so easy and simple. Ive had my playdoh for months now and its fine! WOW! Ive made it in all different colours! Cuz im sad like that lol!

  • Ruth Bartlett

    My heart sunk when I found some of the recipes used to make play dough I don’t have much time and I really wanted to make home made play dough for my son as the shop version dries out so quickly and is quite tough. This recipe is a god send it’s so quick and easy and the children don’t have to wait long. Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

  • justine

    I was looking for some tips to make play doh at home, the non-cook recipe – and i found so much more interesting stuff, thanks, ill be back.

    PS Im a mum of 5 year old twin boys.

  • amber

    brilliant help. no cooking!!! a big bonus when you have four children, many many thanks.

  • This is great, kids love it and you know what its made from…….. even better its so cheap nto make with ingreadients left over for another batch.

    May i just add i use baby oil rather than cooking oil, it smells great. and if it start to dry just mx in a little more at a later date.

  • amy

    can u use baby oil than cooking oil

  • Ive been making playdoh for years now and to be honest used to put it off as the mess and cleaning of pan afterwards. However im so glad i misplaced the recipe and couldnt remember it or i wood never of come accross yours. NEVER AGAIN will i use the cooking method as this one works better quicker and without the mess Many Thanks

  • leanne

    I have a two year old little girl, and was told that she is very creative by a development spacialist. Wanting to make full use of this, i’m trying to get her doing more arts and crafts, but as she so young, it’s a lot of money to spend on items that will undoubtly not last long. This has been great. She loves it and with the little expense it costs, it doesnt matter if it get dirty and we have to start again.

    Thank you so much.

  • Susan

    Wow this recipe is fast and brilliant, have made the cooked dough for years but this is so much faster and a better texture.

  • Lorraine Tooze

    wow the play doh is terrific our son is playing with it now. such a simple recipe i will readily pass it on .

  • thanks for the recipe works great– wonderful when working with 5 children,quick and easy

  • Claire Graham

    this recipe is FANTASTIC!! so quick and easy. I have a batch cooling in the kitchen ready for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party – one green and sparkly, one red and sparkly!!

  • Nina Foster

    this is soooo easy !! i used water based finger paints (non-toxic) mixed with the water to colour it, works a treat, now going to buy a big bag of salt so i can make more !!!

  • Sue Crump

    I work as a Nursery Nurse…so I often have to make play dough.This recipe is the best ever….quick, easy and not messy to make. Thanx so much.

  • penny

    I run in a Pre school and we make play dough every week, everyone hates having to do it because it takes ages and is very messy. It was my turn this week and I only remembered on Monday morning, I found this recipe and gave it a go
    IT IS FANTASTIC it really did only take 1 min and no mess, I did double the amounts which worked out perfect, now all the other people in my pre school want the recipe, I think this will be used for years to come!!

  • Beth

    I know i sound silly but was is cream of tartar is it tartar sauce.Please help :)

  • Elizabeth

    You need Cream of Tartar… a white powder. This is totally different from tartar sauce. The latter would be a disaster!

  • Jen

    A friend of mine used tartar sauce by accident and wondered why it was a bit sloppy! Great recipe, will try this out tomorrow!

  • Lucy

    Fantastic recipe, many thanks.
    I’m a childminder and have been making playdough for many years. The best thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t stink your kitchen out like the recipe that you cook does!
    Just make a batch of red and white so I can make Canadian flags out of it with my Rainbow Brownies tonight!

  • Very good help thanks to whoever made this website i have 6 children and they are always asking me to playdough Now because i come on this website all the time i no this recipe like its stuck on the back of my head

  • dont beleive them there just fooling u the play dough could give u cancer if u alwayes touch it Im from pakistan i am the the presedents cosen of pakistan i am in year 10 and i saw a medical probleb to make the play dough out of cream of tartar mixed up with food colering

  • Natalie

    im 10 years old;
    i made some pancakes today and have been looking for something to do with more flour;
    this was the best yet :D

  • SAM

    Wow what a fantastic recipe, kept the kids entertained for hours and only took 1 min to make it’s great. Thank you

  • ben

    great! my kids are having fun with it already and i only found this recipe 10mins ago!
    i didn’t have any cream of tartar so i used bicarbonate of soda, which is similar, and it has turned out great!
    i love the idea of adding glitter to it too :)
    also i added some almond flavouring to it aswell so it smells good!

    Thanks for the recipe

  • thanks for the amazing recipe, my son (3yrs old) lovvves playing with play doh, though i didnt find the cooking recipe hard, this is easier than that , so takes no time at all.made 4 colours in 10 mins (in which i ran out to get a bag of salt and yello food color as wel :D ) Awesome!
    gonna add glitter the next time.

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  • westie

    This is a great recipe, for anyone who doesn’t have measuring cups I worked out that 1 cup is roughly 192g (maybe a little bit more).

  • cat

    this is brilliany! if only my mum knew about this when i was a child it would have saved her a lot of stirring! the tea bag idea is amazing! credit crunchy god send who needs horrible food colourings and it gives a lovely smell!
    thank u so much

  • Natalie.

    Hello. I’m a nursery nurse, but have been a SAHM since having my little girl who is now 19 months old. I wanted to make some playdough for her but couldn’t remember exactly what I needed. This recipe is fantastic!! It was so fast to make, about a minute or 2 which was really handy with an impatient 19 month old clinging to your legs! So much easier to make than the one we used to cook in the nursery!! She loved playing with this so much that she never moved for 2 and a half hours!! Which is a looonngg time for someone that age!!!

  • Bev

    Hi, is it ok to use baking powder instead? I’m disabled and can’t get to ths hops easily. I was looking for this to make for my 2.5 yr old to play with this morning. I have all the ingredients bar the cream of tartar, but have baking powder instead.

  • Julia

    HELLO ive got a 2 year old baby girl and i used to buy that expensive play doh but she kept dropping on the ground then it would dry up so i stopped buying it but she always asked for it at the shop so i tried to make make some but i couldnt.

    this was a huge help!!!

  • Kay

    Fabulous recipe, soooo easy! I added lavander oil (just a drop) to it so it smells nice (hoping it might encourage my son to chill out….hasn’t so far!) and planning to make more with other essential oils in other colours. Thanks for this idea.

  • Kimberley

    WOW… i’m a teacher in a hot country and i’ve never been able to make play dough last, due to our school not having a fridge. this recipe is super. my dough is 2 months old and still going fresh and strong!

  • rachel

    First try and a great success!!!!!!!! Just add more flour if little sticky (mine was!)Worked fine with Bi-carb of Soda and so simple …

  • Kathryn

    thankyou soooooooooooo much i have to make playdough for 30 people and i only get £2 a week pocket money so really needed a cheap way of making a load so thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sapphire

    thx a million this easy cook recipe is great! it is an easy and simple way to entertain overs. the whole family loved it. lol!xxxxxxxx

  • JJ

    Looks great, planning on buying dough 4 young relatives, but will test on my 20 month baby tomorrow & plan to source plastic containers to put dough in 4 xmas pressies & secret santa @ toddlers. If it works you’ve saved me a bomb!!! thankyou

  • There are many recipes for playdough and I am really glad that people are having fun – but please be aware that it a really good medium and germs and parasites such as childhood worms to thrive. That’s why at my school we make it every week, sometimes twice when such a lot of children use it. The person who had it for 2 months in a hot country – ugghhh!

  • joanne brazier

    wow thats was quick and easy to do….used some herbal tea bags to get colours as had none in and used the bicarb…great idea will pass this on to my friends…

  • Claire


    Thanks this was really quick, non messy and I know my little girl will have hours of fun with it. Used food colouring for nw but really want to try the herbal T bags.

  • Gael

    I remember a similar recipe when growing up. A little variation to consider:

    boil your water in a small pan and throw in a few blackberries and blueberries (we always have some in the freezer) – the water will turn the playdough a flesh colour, and it makes perfect mice ears too!

    Use half the quantity of cream of tartar for a less springy dough

    Grapeseed oil has very little smell

    I never use scented oils or essences as I don’t want to make it tooooo attractive to my 2 1/2 year old’s taste buds!

    In response to an earlier comment about keeping it for two months, I am sure they had the sense to keep it in the frige ;) . But it’s so easy to make, and so cheap, that you don’t have to keep it for long anyway.

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  • Ruth

    Will this playdough last for a week? I have a weekend of childrens meetings i was going to use playdough at. Can i make it the monday before i leave or should i wait until nearer the weekend?

  • Hey! I just found you. I am also a country girl who is not so country and loves life with little ones. Nice to find similar interests.

  • Ellie

    after making things with this playdough – like xmas decorations, can you bake it to make it go hard? if so, what’s the best temp and for how long?

  • Tamara Lockett

    This receipe is fab. It took me about 1 minute to make it and its sooooo easy and clean!!!! I used baking powder instead of cream of tartar and i also used childrens paint to colour the boiling water and it worked a treat……thankyou!!!

  • scott

    thank you i will make this recipy

  • Ken

    This is great, thank you – you need more flour than you think you do, an earlier poster is right – if it’s all sticky and gooey, just add more flour. I used baking powder as well, worked fine. Keep it in a sealed bag when not in use.

  • earthmama

    Kids off on half-term and asked for dough yesterday. Made it with added glitter for girly-girl age 5. Awakened this morning by industrious thumping and chatter from kitchen, 5 year old and 8 year old were in mass production with dough saying it was the best toy in ages! It’s so easy to make and clean up and the kids LOVE it, many thanks for the recipe.

  • elaine

    just wondering how long this playdough lasts, as other recepies say they only last a couple of weeks, is this the same?

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  • julie

    Hi have 3 children and have just made play dough after school.

    Great receipe!!!!! Took no time, but you do need more flour than stated.

  • Rebekah

    Hi, just tried your playdough recipe and it’s great, I didn’t have any cream of tartar so used bicarbonate of soda and it worked just as well.

  • Cheryl

    Absolutely brilliant, effortless and keeps the lil ones amused for hours and hours and hours!!!

  • this recipe was great, I have 5 kids and its so much hassle to buy play dough and far too expensive, thanks to the creator of this recipe

    Thanks xx

  • sharlie

    thank you so much,i have a three year old daughter that has just started school, so i often get her friends over to play.this recipe is ideal its quick, clean, fun for the kids an doesnt break the bank thanks xx

  • Laura

    Just made this with my little girl this morning. Fantastic recipe and quick to do, i would definetly recommend!

  • Bekki

    WOW! this took me literally 3 mins to make! My kids are going to love their mummy so much when they get home from school!

  • yasmine


  • Demi

    Can bicarbonate of soda be used instead of cream of tartar??

  • bhav

    my daughter has wheat allergy, is it possible to make with something else???

  • koto

    I found this recipe a splendid help! i shall shout it from the roof tops. i’ve made a rainbow of colours.

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  • Hi I have been looking for a good recipe for ages. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  • sarah

    wow best ever made not sticky or anything turned out great even my 7yr old girl helped my make it she and her 2yr old brother love it didn”t have tattar so used bico-soder instead

  • abbie

    self-raising flour realy works i tried it its brilliant lol

  • JoEmma Eanni

    Did you know that Salt is a great preservative? My Uncle used to save casings to make sausage in a jar with salt brine,(cleaned guts),,,they stayed elastic and no food poisen sitting in jars, no refrigeration,,for years.salt brine is water and salt,,so much salt the water does not completely get wet…same with curing fish,,it’s Cured with salt, no cooking,,,Salmon ,locs..maybe the playdough does not get full of bad stuff,,because of the salt,,also lemon oil is a natural preservative,,and smells good As long as it. Is kept in bags and not thrown on ground… maybe too many kids at day care to keep clean, but in your family,at home as long as it is soft???Maybe another after school project,,is to get out the microscope..and check play dough,,to see how bad ?it might get…My very busy grandson,stayed at counter for hours, making everything,setting them out to dry. He is …2 1/2,and non stop,,had to make 2 batches in 2 days,,because he built a house,ABC’s shapes,,,so we ran out,,can’t wait to see if the salt does protect,,the dough from germs….I know lemon juice is part of natural preservative. On natural chemicle free face creams..oils and lotions..I used a little lemon oil concentrate,,for lemon scent…just told him not to eat it…..

  • Cheri Gray

    My daughter is two (Hannah) and my “baby” is one (Bailey)…
    I am a private tutor and needed to help a student with a physics project!
    Your clay recipe was PERFECT for the project AND for my girls!
    Awesome blog!

  • Emb

    Fantastic!! even making it at school. thank you so much again.

  • Alicia


  • shelley

    I have made play dough using this recipe and it by far delivers the best results!
    So quick and simple to make!
    I always found when making play dough that it took ages to get the mixture right, etc.
    But this recipe makes it perfect every time :) )
    Very good.

  • Wow! That is the quickest, easiest and best recipe for playdough we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a LOT!) Thank you. My 5 little ones will be amused for HOURS!!!

  • shannon'allanson

    Hiya, was just wondering if you could use bicarbonate of soda instead of the cream of tartar? just come to make this for my little girl, when i realised we didnt have any tartar. Many thanks x

  • Kerry Gordon

    i am just about to make the play dough

  • kelly

    I made this today for my little boy & didn’t have any cream of tartar so used recipe without & came out perfect without it. will be making lots more!!

  • Sam Morris

    We have been asked to teach something to our peers for a University project (Primary school teaching) around 15 minuets long. We wanted to do something fun and practical and chose to do play-dough. Looking at the recipe I Wasn’t sure it was it was going to be of quality due to it’s simplicity, but the play-dough is perfect, and I now have faith in the presentation!

  • jorge

    This is the best. it rocks.
    thanks for puting this recepi.

  • great and it stops them eating it,hehe

  • were do crem of tarata :)

  • Abbiie

    The playdough is very gd my lil bro is very happy now !! :)

  • Becky

    Thanks SO much i have got to do my science homework and i ran out so this was a life saver :) x

  • HI

    HI I AM A 12 year old girl this is a great recipe i have a homework thing due and this is great

  • Almost done

    Great recipe, too late for my little ones as they’re getting ready to fly the nest… But great for visitors with small children as it’s so quick.
    We ended up our playdough session sending them out into the garden with a handful each to see what they could pick up with it (my girls used to find flowers, pretty stones, feathers etc) now our broody hen is wearing some of it!
    I’m wondering whether you can compost it or would the salt content kill off any plant roots?

  • delphi

    wow great i love it. i have just finished making it and what a result. it is so boring doing y5 mini SATS tests and compared to them this is brilliant. mummy is really proud.

  • shannon

    this did not work very well for me it has gone lumpy and sticky

    thanks anyway.

  • Casey

    WOW!!! really great… i have 3 children under of 4 and find amusing them really time consuming and hard…… but this was fast, fantastic and very easy A* for your great recipe :)

  • Maryi

    I tried the recepie today – it was great and not messy as on the stove.

    thank you so much for the idea.


  • maya

    it is really cool, ive never made playdough before, and it works!

  • lyndsay

    WOW,this playdough was really fast too make 3 year old son is playing with it now.he loves it.

  • Ruth

    wow:why did I not know about this 25 years ago no more cooking in the pan.great way to make playdough.My 6 year old boy loves it.

  • Jaci

    This is such a good recipe! I love it!

  • is it alright with cold water

  • Sasha

    Great recipe, made 3 lots (1 for each of my 3 children in 3 colours) in less than 10 mins. Brilliant. Just had to let it cool down before use. Brilliant, hours of fun!! Thanks.

  • Kate Morrey

    Fantastic recipe – made tonnes of the stuff and spent the last two hours reliving my childhood!

  • wow that was great do you leave it to reast

  • Louise

    FANTASTIC!! I have been following the same playdough recipe for years at my playgroup, and it takes so long to cook and come together. I tryed this one out and its SO EASY and great results!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • alex fawcett

    hi,errmm me and my friend were wondering if you put it in the fridgee?:)xx

  • dee

    Can I use baking powder or baking soda instead of cream of tartar?
    Cream of tartar is expensive.

  • Marie97

    Hi i’am 13 years old during the summer i have to stay home and it gets very boring, this recipe is very fun to make. thank you so much for posting this :)

  • I love your blog and I especially love this recipe, that I’ve had bookmarked for the last couple of years and never fails me. I tend to add a bit more oil than you specify, and ‘jazz’ it up with glitter, but this yields such lovely soft playdough that I’m never going to need another recipe. In fact I love it so much that I recently featured it on my blog, with a link back to you. So, I thought it was high time I actually say: ‘Thank You’. :-)

  • emerald

    hey i love easy no cook play doh its a bit stikky but i <3 it

  • briarna king

    yay i can make playdow :) <3 :(

  • hi……..
    ummmm i don’t have cream of tartar i went to the shops to get some but its REALLY expensive…
    could i use baking powder????
    susan ;)

  • The kids decided to play with play dough. After fighting though the mountain in the cupboard under the stairs we found the play dough box and the contacts all drien. This recipe is fantastic, so easy and quick to make ( Always a bonus with impatient children!) Thank you for helping me stay sane!!! xx

  • wilma

    how many grams is a cup ???

  • lisa

    I’ve been doing this recipe for years and you dont need to use tarta or baking powder if you dont have any, doesn’t really make any difference. Just about to make some before my 4 kids drive me nuts!!

  • Delyth Curry

    MAGIC! Grandchildren visiting for long weekend so survival pack required! Just made first batch of play dough using your recipe ~ soooo easy & quick. Will keep little fingers busy making some multicoloured batches! (Will probably have to take instructions from little madam!) Used fragranced bath oil ~ mmmmm! Thank you x

  • Paul

    Can you eat if? Lol

  • ada

    i love this i am 10 years old and i made it for my cousin because mum said please come with me to the shops to get play doagh so i got on the net and looked up easy to make pay doah
    so i mad eit an dmy mum was shoked so now i make it for family and have some every where
    car room and other places for them to play with when thay scream :o ) :)

  • Stephanie

    This recipe is the best I have found yet – Thank you! I am a childminder and the kids can help make this one as its so easy. I will be making all colours etc.
    Just thought I would add that you can also make sticky goop for them to play with by mixing water and cornflour – My 2 year old girl has been playing with it for about half an hour! And it rinses off with water, so great all round!
    Thanks again! x

  • monica

    Have made loads and not all turned out. This is the first, and its great, took no time at all.

  • cam

    I think thats alot of ingretients I herd you just need salt, water, and flower (food coloring optional)

  • Fantastic, been using this recipe for sometime now! shared the recipe with my friends too. Thanks

  • sally

    Just made this for my Mums and tots group, made really quickly and no mess, great recipe . thanks.

  • sarah

    This is fantastic. Made some pink and some blue….took no time at all….thank you very very much x

  • jade

    hi im jade and im only 10 years old but this is perfect congrats
    ps u don’t need the cream of tar tar xx

  • Liz

    Brilliant! So glad I lost my original recipe & found this. Happy child, happy mummy. I’ve sent it on to loads of others. Thanks!

  • emilia

    it was brilliant Thankyou

  • This is a brilliant recipe will tell friends I am 123 and I used baking soda works a treat.

  • Ameliaa

    Thankyou, i found this recipe so easy, cheers :) :D

  • Jonnyb

    Could I just ask why the high amount of salt is required. Does it help preserve it, I mean it’s not to make it taste better is it ;-)
    …but seriously, is the salt needed?

    • Ackers

      @Jonnyb – You’re right on both counts it helps to preserve the playdough after little hands have played with it and it also prevents really little kids from wanting to eat it!

  • Simple and cool playdough recipe. I’ve tried several recipes and this one works perfectly.

  • E11iot

    amaizing recipe!!!!

  • Amanda

    I am in uk so what is a cup of flour and half cup of salt in weight?

  • Emma

    I put in the right stuff but it went lumpy so we had to nead it lots. its a great recipe thanks!!!!


    Add glitter for a sparkly effect. gold glitter in black playdough looks good.

  • Joey-sarah

    I used to make playdough for my eldest daughter who is now 11 I also have a 1 yr old so this weekend I’m going to get my 11yr old to make Playdough for her and her little sister. Our play group makes coco playdough it is so funny it smells grate the kids lick that more than the coloured one.

  • Sarahh :)

    I just used this recipe with a small group of children and they had great fun making it and mixing it with their fingers. There was hardly and mess left at the end as well!!

  • catherine

    Just take any average sized mug or drinking cup or glass and use that – it works. you can always add a little extra flour or water as required. Brilliant recipe – made two batches as had so much fun!

  • joannab123

    hi looks easy and simple but the only question i have is do u have to store it in the fridge or anything after ? and is this the easiest way to make play dough :D

  • Kim

    Just made this with my 4 year old. She loved making it and is now sat playing with it. Made four batches for a party on Saturday with minimum mess. Excellent, i will never make it on the hob again!

  • Tilly

    reply to Amanda; it depends on the size of the cup

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  • linda

    i have just found this recipie and omg why have i not looked b4 i have made 3 lots all ready and my little lady will be happy lady when she gets up i will be using this all the time form now on thanks :)

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  • Hi there, I’ve used your recipe for play-dough and loved it from the start! Just wanted to let you know that I have translated it into Italian and posted it on my blog :-)
    There it is

  • callum

    im 17 and i needed some playdough/clay for my college course so i just added some glue and it was just like playdough apart from it dried rock hard

  • georgia

    i fund this resipe very helpful scince i really didnt knw wahat i was doing i only used half a cup of water though lol love it though

  • I’m going to attempt this recipe later today. I used to make dough a lot when I was a nursery nurse but no idea what recipe I used other than I cooked it. Messy and unpredictable!

    In answer to previous comment, it doesn’t matter what cup size ( exact amount) you use as long as you use the same cup to measure a half as you do for the other ingredients.

  • Natalia Kingston

    Hi Amanda, i am probably too late, but 1 cup is 16 tbsp or 8 oz, 1/2cup is 8 tbsp or 4 0z or 118 ml. I’m in the UK too and came across he set of plastic cups in our TK Maxx..

    • Denise Arneson

      You are correct with your measures except, they are for liquid measurements. A cup of white flour is 5 ounces or approximately 142 grams. `I am from the US and prefer
      to use the European method of weighing my dry ingredients as opposed to using dry measuring cups when baking. Most scales here can easily convert ounces to grams. My scale can even measure liquid ingredients. A half a cup of regular table salt weighs approximately 4.75 ounces or 135 grams. So if you wanted to make the recipe by ratio you would need equal amounts of flour to salt by weight. I don’t think that you need to be exact here. I have heard that the salt helps to preserve and stiffen the dough, the oil helps with the elasticity. Baking powder is a combination of baking soda and cream of tartar, supposedly the cream of tartar makes ingredients creamier as well as making baked item rise. To save money try cutting down on the amount or cream of tartar or substituting baking powder instead. I haven’t broken down the price of baking soda per ounce when compared to cream of tartar, but I think that baking powder is cheaper. The club stores here sell large amounts of cream of tartar much cheaper than the price of the little bottles sold in the spice isle of a supermarket.

  • niamh hupfield


  • yee

    A simple and straight forward recipe to follow and worked with success the first time! The consistency is spot on and easily adjustable if required.

  • Wini

    Hi, this will be great for next Sunday’s Messy Church Service in which I’m getting ADULTS and well as children to make a vessel, based on the potter story in the Bible.
    However, two things really – 1. If I inject a tiny amount of food colouring in the centre of each ball, and when they start to mould it, the colour comes through as a surprise – will that work or will it make the dough too moist again. 2. When they’re made their vessel, will they be able to take it home to harden off by baking in the oven – if yes, what temperature please?
    GREAT recipe and the feedback you’ve had is fantastic!!!
    Do please answer my enquiry asap?

  • jess

    it was great,it was so quick and easy it was unbelivable thankyou xxxxx

  • jess

    it was great,it was so quick and easy it was unbelivable thankyou xxxxx

  • Fantastic, fantastic recipe! So quick and easy, even making 6x the quantity in red, blue and green!

  • Georgie..

    I know what you mean by all ages. I’m fourteen and i love play-doh. So when I saw you could make it yourself I thought it would be so fun. I love your recipe!!:)

  • Martha

    Great recipe. Thank you very much!!!! I live near London in the Uk, and I had to add more flour(almost a whole cup) before it had the right consistency. Guess it must be the high humidity. We made pink dough using berry teabags. Smelled lovely too!

  • Kaci

    I have to make this for a speech at school and give samples to 27 other people. Will this cover it, Or would i need to double the recipe?

  • Emma

    AMAZING!! Have just made this for my little one & can’t believe how quick & easy it was!!! I didn’t use cream of tarter or baking soda – but used self raising flour & it’s worked really well!

  • Sunita

    Just made this is the easiest recipe for play
    Dough ever! I used almond flovoring to give
    A nice smell . I also put them into sandwich bags
    and 2 bags of the same colour and then I placed
    In the fridge. My little one loves it and she
    Is 18 months. Will defo pass on !

  • sarah

    This is the easiest playdough ever…… my daughters nursery gave me the ‘cook’ recipe, but it is unreliable and hard work. this one is EASY, reliable and extremely quick. I am going to recommend it to the nursery!
    Many thanks

  • Carly Mitchell

    Im thinking about trying this recipe to make for my 5yr old sister im 13yrs old so do you think that this would be an easy recipe for me to follow and other recipes tell me that all i need is flower, food colouring, salt, and water i dont have any tartar sauce and tbh dont actualy know what it is hehehe please reply back xx

  • Caroline

    I am a Nursery Nurse & have used the cooking method before but lost the recipe. Found yours & made it with baking powder & added glitter. Brilliant recipe No Fuss, No Mess & quick to make. Will recommend this recipe to others.

  • Mandi

    can you use Bicarbonate of soda instead of Cream of Tartar and which oil is best to use

  • zoe

    This is amazing. Took about 15 seconds to mix together. The consistency is lovely and it cools down very quickly. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jan

    Hi, this is a great recipe, like those who have commented before me I had made the cooked play-dough before and didn’t wan to make it again! Just made 2 batches really quickly for class tomorrow. Will be using this recipe again and again. Thanks

  • Cheril

    Marvellous, just whipped up a huge batch for the kids!

  • Sarah

    Just made this 1 hour ago, it was very quick and easy to make. Has kept my two children happy since with no arguments or fighting, bliss since it is the school holidays.

    I will be making it again when it is needed. Thank you from me and the kids

  • leah

    love this recipe! so easy! i make it for my little brother all the time now and cant resist having a little play myself! thank you! :)

  • Julie

    Thanks for this fabulous recipe – my daughter and I made lots of different colours to go with an icecream palour set we bought for my youngest daughter’s birthday. This recipe made it quick and easy to do! I will certainly recommend :)

  • Thank you soooooooooooo much. I have been trawling the web this morning looking for something to do or make with my toddlers and this was fast and easy and they are now very happy little boys. I used a bit of cocoa butter oil and added glitter and it’s just fab.

  • leahxx

    It does’nt matter wat your age is . Its about wat u like and luv i luv playdough . oWW and thanks for the recipe xx ;)

  • I’ve been trying this and experimenting with different quantities of ingredients to tweak it just the way I like it. Right now mine is turning out a little dry and floury. I’d like it a little more flexible, if that makes sense. I can report back on my progress. Thanks for the ideas here!

  • Ah, the cream of tartar! That’s what I’ve been missing this whole time! No wonder my playdough was coming out funny! Thanks for saving the day!

  • Alison

    Brilliant! Thankyou. So quick and easy, from reading the recipe to on the table to play with in less than 15 minutes!!!

  • Lil's Mum

    Words cannot describe how EASY this recipe is to make! Took literally minutes, baking powder worked just as well as cream of tartar as per previous comments, and having made a batch of yellow I then halved it and dropped some blue food colouring into half to make a half batch of green (though a slightly messy way of doing it!) Wonderful blog, thanks.

  • Kate

    Thansk for the recipe, now shared with all my friends who also have kids running around! :0)x

  • Emily

    Fab recipie, just made purple play dough. Its on the table being played with as we speak. Thanks!

  • Lou

    Hi, I did footprints from my kids and would like to keep them. Can you bake it to make it harden? I’ve left it out for a few days now and it hasn’t hardened enough..

  • Tracey Reynolds

    This is a fab recipe, I added baby oil, instead of veg and it works a treat, and smells nice too,my Autistic son loves it!! Its so much nicer than the play dough you buy, and a lot less expensive. Am now making it for my friends children too. Thank you for sharing this very quick and simple recipe.
    We did do a little experiment, to see if it dried out if left out over night, and although it did dry a little, it was fine again once it had been worked a little, one very happy boy, and mum.

    Many thanks.

  • lee ann

    hi, we have a child starting our playgroup with a nut allergy, so i cant used food colouring in the play dough what would you suggest ( fruit tea bags ? )

    • Julie

      You can use spinach (green), beetroot (red and pink), blueberries (Blue and purple), red cabbage (better for blue and purple), carrots (orange), turmeric or saffron (yellow) to make colours naturally. I haven’t tried it with playdough, but might give it a whirl next time I make a batch. Mostly, just juice the fruit/veg to get the colour. With red cabbage, boil till the water looks very concentrated for purple, and for blue add bicarb a little at a time.

  • Thankyou so much! I am a mother of 16 (yes i know thats a lot of children)and all of my children r 1 year apart.

    Great activity for all of the kids!! The kids all make cookie shapes and some of them sell them to there other siblings!! They didn’t disturb me for a few hours!!!I now have time to relax :)

    I bought them playdough ONCE and they just distroyed it!! So i will never buy them playdough again!!! Now i can just make a big batch so it will last a few weeks!!!!

    Thankyou so so much!!

    Thanks Georgia

  • Dawn

    WOW, this is the easiest playdough i have ever made. I doubled the recipe and made two lots. one coloured orange and one with almond scent and glitter. I could make this all day long. Thanks so much for the recipe. AMAZING :) I will be sharng this recipe.

  • Ella

    Brilliant recipe no fuss

  • Katharine

    I made this nearly a year ago and my son is still playing with it (keeping it in a tied sandwhich bag). It was my first attempt at making playdough and was so easy. Just looking the recipe up again so I can make more colours for him. Thank you

  • Tanya

    thank you! made my first batch ever just now.. it took me 5 mins to make 3 different colours! my 3 year old Amiee says thank you as she is happily playing with it straight away! will deffinatly pass this receipe on to friends and family!x

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  • Chloe

    Does it work without cream or tarter

  • zara

    love the idea! i wanted to make this for my 2 sisters
    i wanted to ask do we really need cream of tarter

  • joanne mclaughlin

    bicarbonate of soda and glitter works a treat. didnt use the oil. what was purpose of oil? can you cook it after shapes made?

  • Karen

    I stumbled across this recipe when looking for one to make with my class ( never made it before) it’s great – easy and keeps really well in plastic sandwich bags. Just making a new batch to replace the first one which is still going strong, although the colors are a little streaky where they mix it – I got carried away making loads of colors. I found if I made double batches and split the mix and kneaded in the color at the end while still warm, it worked well ( just needed plastic gloves on)

  • how long do you leave the play dough out for?

  • Sibel

    is there anything else to use instead of cream of tartar? A substitute? thanks

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