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Oooooh it’s so lovely when a blog writer gets feedback to validate the fact that anyone reads material you’ve written.

It’s extra special when anyone takes the time to comment on a post. Last week I received an¬†extraordinarily¬†pleasant surprise when, out of the blue, an editor from sent me an email saying he really liked my blog and hoped I would write regularly for their website under the area of ‘Modern Homesteader’

I’ve said yes (of course) despite already feeling stretched so thinly across so many other projects but never mind. I’m really hoping this year I will get some much more serious writing done so having an extra place to publish suits this aim well.

I’ve now had the first two posts published and received a few nice comments from readers too which is really really great:

A New Blogger’s Homesteading Journey Begins

U.S. Homesteading Versus U.K. Smallholding

It’s a¬†predominantly US site but with a global audience so I think I will focus my writing on things as they are here in the UK perhaps with British traditional recipes, quaint things we take for granted here etc. I lived for a short time in the States when I was a child so can recall some of the comparisons from then.



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  • jen

    Yay! loving your writing, etc. keep on with it. i wish i had more time to look at your writing and comment – but have to be careful at work.Will have a proper read when have some real “me time”. keep writing, it’s lovely x big hugs xx

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