A Wardrobe Clear Out

A long overdue task had been scheduled in my diary and today was the day it arrived.

Today was the day I treated myself to a birthday wardrobe sort out.

Last year I gave myself the grown up gift of prettying myself up with make-up each day which has worked a treat as I no longer frighten myself when I spot myself in a mirror. I also always feel quite happy to open the front door if the doorbell rings without thinking ‘Oh No! I haven’t got any lipstick on!’

This year I decided that after nearly a  decade of wearing ill fitting, scruffy, crap clothes it is high time I looked more professional again but without having to dust off the suits of yesteryear as I am no longer working in a formal office environment.

Just recently I started marketing my two new home-based business ventures (a decluttering and organisational service www.MessyNoMore.co.uk and  www.CookClub.co.uk providing mobile cooking parties for children) and I am now taking real bookings from real clients who expect me to turn up looking like a smart professional.

I need to be able to visit would-be clients without having to scurry home to smarten up first so now is a really great time for me to ditch the ‘only-the-vegetable-patch-the-hens-and-the-kids-will-see-me look’ and start doing what my lovely husband has been gently encouraging me to do for ages – to treat myself to some clothes I love and look good in.

During the  wardrobe sort everything came off the rail and out of every drawer to be examined . Out went everything that I don’t love the colour of, the shape of, doesn’t fit, has holes in it, has been shrunk or didn’t even know I had (like the strange mysterious high waisted black velvet jeans). They formed an almighty pile to either sell on eBay (the nicer pieces) or give back to the charity shops from whence so many of them came from anyway.

Sadly I am now left with very little in the way of clothes to wear apart from a few little summer party dresses, my wedding dress and some clothes that are only fit for gardening and decorating in.

Luckily tomorrow I have the day off so will be able to spend some time seeing what the lovely charity shops of Shrewsbury have to offer in the way of good quality cast offs in makes, sizes, colours and shapes I think will suit me.

I’ve already started shopping on eBay for some better key pieces such as white cotton blouse, some brightly coloured knitwear and a few accessories so I am looking forward to a new year ahead feeling like I am looking my best for all occasions come rain or shine or snow.

[PS: I feel particularly proud of this clear out because not only have I done it as planned but also because I have saved up for the replacement garments using my recently acquired budgeting habits using the fabulous You Need A Budget software. It was pain-free virtual squirreling of funds which means I now have some cash to use to replace the things I am saying goodbye to]

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1 comment to A Wardrobe Clear Out

  • jen

    i blame naughty annie for this – having spent very little on clothes for many years – as you know, i love a chazzer shop – however have found somewhere i love to buy clothes from and their customer service is most excellent. might need a few party bookings first, though snot cheap- gudrun sjoden- can’t do a linky – using bron’s laptop while ours is in lapthospital and it’s challenging. keep decluttering – i need your help xx

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